Code of Conduct

  1. Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions and interpretations of the terms in this Code of Conduct shall refer to the Terms and Conditions of MasterIn Services
  2. The User shall not post or make available any content to the Website which:-

    1. encourages any illegal or immoral activities;
    2. is pornographic, obscene, violent, contains nudity or may otherwise offend human dignity;
    3. contains any profane language, hate speech, content which is offensive or is likely to harass, embarrass, bully or upset any other person or group;
    4. is insulting, abusive or threatening;
    5. infringes or violates another person’s rights (including intellectual property rights and privacy rights); or
    6. involves any transmission of spam or junk messages.
    7. interfere with the provision of Masterin Service.
  3. The User shall not use the Website to:-

    1. conduct any fraudulent behavior;
    2. engage in any illegal or immoral activities;
    3. engage in any activities which are prohibited by the company and/or the employer of the User;
    4. prejudice the enjoyment of MasterIn Service of any other User;
    5. perform any unwelcoming, inappropriate or offensive interactions with any other User;
    6. harm the reputation of MasterIn and/or MasterIn Service; or
    7. interfere with the provision of MasterIn Service.
  4. The User shall not:
    1. share his MasterIn account with any third party (including but not limited to other Users);
    2. re-sell, assign or transfer his account to any third party party (including but not limited to other Users);
    3. use the MasterIn subscription for business use or any non-training purpose;
    4. have unusual usage patterns inconsistent with normal or individual subscription use; or
    5. make unwelcome calls of short duration to the Mentor.
  5. The User hereby expressly agrees and undertakes that the content, including but not limited to the questions and comments, posted by the User must be for the User’s own educational and training purposes. MasterIn shall have the absolute rights to remove any content it deems inappropriate without any prior notice.
  6. Without prejudice to any rights of MasterIn under the Terms and Conditions of MasterIn Services, MasterIn shall have right to report and provide reasonable assistance to any law enforcement agent or judicial authorities of Hong Kong and/or other jurisdictions for any suspected illegal activities observed in MasterIn User’s actions or behaviors or interactions with any other User on the platform or when using MasterIn Service, the Website.